In short, ACM® provides excellent services in all the areas you need to manage your association.

| Services We Provide

Our Services

Running your association is much like running a small city: Your elected Board of Directors are like the city council; ACM® helps you manage the rest of the "government" infrastructure, from A to Z.

Our objectives are to:

  • Maintain a well-balanced budget
  • Provide expert advice and research
  • Communicate regularly with Board of Directors
  • Carry out cost-saving procedures
  • Provide complete financial reports
  • Reduce delinquency percentage
  • Help Board members maintain and increase property values
  • Communicate important information to members
  • Implement Board decisions
  • Be a good listener to all association members

What kinds of things does ACM® do? The services we provide as part of your management contract include:

Homeowner Relations

  • Personal contact with homeowners' concerns via telephone, cell phone, email, fax, correspondence and or in person
  • Covenant communications — maintenance infractions
  • Communication programs — newsletters
  • Available 24 hours/day in case of emergency
  • Process maintenance requests
  • Suggest expert advice when needed

Arrange for Services

  • Be your advocate when arranging for services
  • Obtain competitive bids for services at Board request
  • Ensure you get the best price/performance
  • Work with vendors providing service so they understand and implement your wishes
  • Oversee vendors to ensure services are performed well

Association Record Keeping

  • Retain the Corporate Minutes, Declarations, By-laws, Covenants and all other important records
  • Keep covenant logs and letters
  • Receive Architectural Covenant Control change requests and pass on to appropriate committee members
  • Accumulate approvals and send approval letters to owners
  • Work order history


  • Prepare and generate Board packets for meetings, consisting of the following:
  • Agenda
    1. Minutes of previous meeting
    2. Balance sheet
    3. Budget year to date, in easy to read format
    4. Copies of bank statements
    5. Receipts and Disbursement reports
    6. Delinquent member report
    7. Correspondence to and from members
    8. Reports from vendors
    9. Committee reports
    10. Call log and ACM® activity report
    11. Copies of bids and proposals
    12. Articles of interest
    13. Any other pertinent information that requires Board action
  • Conduct and facilitate meetings
  • Documented "Action Item" lists
  • Annual Homeowners Meetings
  • Informational and Special meetings
  • ACC Meetings


  • Respond to association letters received
  • Generate warning letters for violation of Governing Documents
  • Generate fine letters
  • Prepare annual meeting notices and other notices as requested by the Board
  • Keep an up to date homeowner member directory, including phone numbers and email addresses
  • Newsletters when requested

Maintenenace Services

  • A full range of maintenance services are available from our subsidiary, Strait Construction, including:
    1. Cleaning
    2. Landscaping
    3. Snow Removal
    4. Clubhouse Services
    5. Minor maintenance


  • Work carefully with legal counsel on legal issues

Insurance Company Liaison

  • Suggest necessary coverages
  • Obtain competitive bids for complete association coverage with several recognized national companies
  • Work with Association's insurance carrier in case of a claim and follow up until settlement

Accounts Receivable

  • Receive homeowners dues, post to accounts
  • Delinquency follow-up
  • Notify and work with attorney to commence collection efforts if all other efforts fail

Accounts Payable

  • Receive vendor invoices, verify and generate check run for payment, once a month or as needed

Bank Account Management

  • Prepare and deposit payments into Association account in a timely manner
  • Reconcile bank statements each month
  • Recommend best interest rates for restricted reserves to the Board of Directors
  • Monitor due dates of C.D.'s

Budget Preparation

  • Budget preparation
  • Recommendation of the annual Budget to the Board

Financial Reporting

  • Complete balance sheets generated monthly for operating and reserve accounts, including Budget variances, income statement, check register, homeowner dues aging report and copies of all bank statements
  • Collect W-9 information from vendors to generate and distribute 1099's at calendar year end

Title Transfer Processing

  • Provide information requested by Lenders/Realtors (i.e. project review forms, FNMA, FHLMC for prospective buyer's loan approvals)
  • Generate status certificates on units scheduled to close for title companies

CPA Liaison

  • Retain financial records for IRS and the State of Colorado.
  • Prepare for formal financial compilations and tax returns by the accountant of the Association's choice
  • Work with your chosen auditor during periodic audits

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